Marco Burroni, Electronic Engineer

Professor at the University of Siena, Dept. of   Dermatology
Curriculum vitae

- Project and design of a Videogame on the famous Siena Horse Race : "Palio di Siena" (Assembler language, PC IBM (8088, 64 Kilobytes))
- Multimedia software equipped with self-designed windows interface, icons and hypertext under the DOS interface. Partecipation and 1'st Price at the "World Congress on Media and Communication", Montecatini, Italy.
- Project of a Relational imaging database equipped with artificial intelligence (Lisp language), Istitute of Microbiology, University of Siena.
- Start of project for a device allowing the early diagnosis of Melanoma based on very high quality images (Vista Board, 16Milion Colors, 3CCD camera connected to a Stereo Microscope Wild 650). Istituto di Clinica Dermosifilopatica, Universita' Degli Studi Di Siena
- Software development for 3D reconstruction of an ocular lesion reconstructed from ultrasound images (C language, assembler, fortran). Istituto Policattedra di Scienze Oftalmologiche, Universita' di Siena.
- BioEngineering Master on : "MIPS: Melanoma Image Processing Software, a System for real time image processing in medicine giving objective evaluations", c++ language. Universita' Degli Studi Di Firenze.
- Software development for ECG signals interpretation, automated diagnosis and telemedicine interface.
- Congress "XIII S.I.D.U.O.", "3D reconstruction of intraorbital tumour", Vienna 1-5 Jul.
- Software development for "Expert Systems in Allergology", Istituto di Clinica Dermosifilopatica, Universita' Degli Studi Di Siena
- Software developing for a database of electro-cardiographic signals. DBActa Dell'Eva-Burroni and DBVis (Stress) cooperating with Esaote Biomedica (Firenze).
- Software developing for the X-ray image processing and filtering. Perspective studies and Virtual animation inside the "Citta' Ideale" using a Silicon Graphics PowerStation equipped with Alias Wavefront Software ( Soprintendenza per i Beni Artistici e Storici delle Marche).
- Making of the movie "La Citta' Virtuale" for the "Presidenza Del Consiglio Dei Ministri, Italian Government", presented by the RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana (Roma).
- "AAD Dermatology 51st Annual Meeting 5-10 December 1992" ,"Computerized Diagnosis of Pigmented lesions by Image Analysis".
Lecture "Melanoma International Conference, WHO Melanoma Programme", Venice :" Experience on computerized image analysis in Siena", Prof. Lucio Andreassi.
- Congress "Vienna 2000" :"Introduction to Burroni's Islands in the early diagnosis of melanoma".
- "14th Colloquium of the International Society Of Dermatopathology", Siena 26 Giugno - 1 Luglio,"Image Analysis of Pigmented Lesions : Clinical-Histopathological Correlation".
- "3rd Conference of the Int.Society for Ultrasound and the Skin", ISUS, Elsinore, Denmark. Chairman of the session "digital imaging".Lecture :"Epiluminescence microscope image of pigmented lesions : Computer Analysis".
- Cooperation with the Melbourne University for the assessment of the pigmented skin lesions cooperating with Prof. Robin Marks and the Virginia Anti Cancer Council.
- Software development and optics project for a portable System, DB-Mips, for the digital dermoscopic analysis of pigmented skin lesions.
-In 1995 Marco worked at the development of a new optical device oriented to high resolution images of the skin.
-In 1996 Marco and Giordana Dell'Eva developed an innovative portable device for the skin cancer detection.
- Software development for the objective description of pigmented skin lesions. Software development and mathematic models for the measurements of homogeneity, borders and color analysis for the differentiation of early melanoma from other benign pigmented skin lesions.
- Project of mobile vans oriented to the telemedicine of pigmented skin lesions (Assilt - Telecom Italia - Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche- IDI).
- Cooperation with the Lega Tumori Italiana for the early diagnosis of melanoma. Project of a System for the secondary prevention of melanoma oriented to the screening of population through digital "in-vivo" recognition.
- "4'th International Conference on Melanoma, Sydney, Australia", lecture :"Early diagnosis of melanoma using an artificial neural network system ".
- World Congress of Melanoma, Sydney, Australia", Communication :"Virtual Simulation of pigmented skin lesions".
- Chair at the University of Siena : "Informatics Applied to the skin imaging".
- Patent of DDA-Mips for a real time System for the diagnosis of melanoma oriented to the Screening of the population.
- Start of a multicenter study ( 11 sites in Italy and 2 abroad) for the accuracy evaluation.
- "5'th International Conference on Melanoma, Venice", Lecture :"Dermatoscopic Diagnosis: understanding digital melanoma" .
- Project of integrated Systems for the early diagnosis of melanoma based on very high quality of images and objective measurements. Implementations of objective full body mapping and similarity aided diagnosis.
2002 -2007
- Start of a project for the screening of Melanoma to the population of the Gozo Island (Malta).
The Ministry of Malta and Gozo approved an innovative study for the evaluation of the melanoma incidence oriented to the computerized early detection of melanoma based on Burroni's islands methods. The Project is actually under the supervision and direction of Prof. Joe Pace, secretary of the European Accademy of Dermatology.
- Project of aided diagnosi based portable devices based on wi-fi image transmission. Development of a hand held high resolution device for generic low cost telemedicine purposes.


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